Use the Easycubes system to build your exhibition stand. Need a floor? Choose only the base and add the top panels, which you can freely print, and for safety reasons, apply a floor laminate with anti-slip certificate on them. Would you like to expose your product? Nothing more simple, just build any construction formed from Easy Cubes cubes, stable and resistant to heavy loads, even up to 500 kg. Additionally use transparent cubes, which allow you to show better your promoted product.

Need a counter, display, table, seat or platform? You will build it easily with Easycubes system elements! Modular construction and easy assembly allow you to create the structure, which you can rebuild by yourself at any time. All elements of the system are available in two colours: white and black, additionally the panels can be printed and the sides of cubes can be covered with foil. 

From now on, you no longer need to buy disposable stand components and you do not need an assembly team. The Easycubes elements can be used repeatedly, each time creating a totally new arrangement of the exhibition.

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