Get to know the Easycubes system

Discover the innovative Easycubes exhibition system, thanks to which you can freely create you own retail space. Three simple elements give so many possibilities for arranging a stand, display or exhibition. You can quickly and easily modify the layout by yourself. Find out for yourself how simple it can be!

The Easycubes panels are the closing elements of the entire exposition, which can be placed directly on the floor or on cubes. Available in white and black. You can also freely print them any way you like, using ready-made patterns or creating you own design.

dimensions: 40x40x1 cm

The Easycubes cube is a basis for vertical construction of the system. Available in white and black. You can arrange the cubes in many different ways, building individual elements of the exposition. Additionally, you can wrap the sides of cubes with foil, so they match colours of the entire arrangement.

dimensions: 40x40x20 cm

maximum load: 500 kg

The Easycubes floor is made from panels which are connected together by special clips. The floor panels create flat and stable surface, which is the basis of the entire stand. The other elements of the system: the cubes and panels are placed on it in any way you like.

dimensions: 40x40x5 cm

maximum load: 2400 kg

Transparent Easycubes cubes allow you to even better expose of promoted product. Available in two sizes and two position variants: cubes mounted inside the construction and cubes closing the entire exposition. 

dimensions: 40x40x20 cm or 40x40x40cm