Experience a new form of advertising

See how Easycubes system works in retail space. Three simple elements create the basis of shop window or retail autonomous shop islands. Modular construction allows you to build a structure that fits perfectly under promoted product, starting with the smallest ones like jewelry or shoes, and ending with those realy huge ones like bicycles, motorcycles or even cars. 

The standard dimensions and mobility of the system make it possible to plan more quickly how the exposition should look like, where it should be located, and if necessary, to move or to change its appearance. The elements of system are lightweight and, at the same time, resistant for higher loads, available in two basic colours: white or black. Additionally promoted products can be exposed by means of transparent cubes, both inside the construction and closing entire exposition from above.

Thanks to possibility to quick reconstruction, the system is ideal solution for chain stores and shopping malls, where the exhibition changes periodically – once laid out, the structure can be easily and freely rebuilt, without the need to incur additional costs. 

A new collection or a quick sale action? With Easycubes system changing the exposure has never been so simple!

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