Are you looking for an innovative solution for events? Create extraodrinary promotional place for your products, seating area, counter, table, display, platform – all with just one Easy Cubes system. All you need are only three simple elements: a floor, a cube and a panel, thanks to which you can quickly and easily build place arrangement that will give character to the event. 

Advantages? All elements of the system are made from weather-resistant materials. The floor can whithstand loads up to 2400kg, and the cube up to 500kg. Standard dimensions and easy assembly allow to quick connecting the elements into a whole. The floor, cube and panel are very lightweight, making them easy to transport. All elements of the system are available in two colours: white and black, additionally the panels can be freely printed, and the sides of the cubes can be covered with foil. 

And above all, you can use the elements of the system many times, each time building a different arrangement. 

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